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Life Update.

hi guys. i am finally back from the long break of summer and welcoming the begin of fall, my favorite season of all time, with this post. seeing the old posts here makes me realize how i am growing through this, through my blog. i am kind of finding a new side of me while i evolve my style. and it's time to write something again in my little corner of internet.

you know, it is like those school breaks. you sometimes need it. and i really enjoyed this little break from my blog. i love my blog, and i never plan not to write anything here for weeks. but in the meantime i had to prepare for the new school year, for my work (while i still update my life on my instagram), and i want to spend more time with my man on my holiday.


i was just back from my 2 weeks holiday in my hometown, Indonesia. i met my own family, and flew to other island to visit another family member (cousins, uncles, aunts..), who i never get to know before. it turned out really great, and i wish i could spend more time with them. i think i am gonna write about my experience there, because since i lived in Germany for years now, it is interesting how my lifestyle has shaped me to be a different person than i was years ago. 

the new school year has also begun calmly. it also means, more practice at the hospital. but again, i have more experience and i am happy about it.


we had our first home decor started and it has been so fun! the fall decoration was a success and since christmas is a wonderful time of the year, i am pretty excited for the next decoration! my man and i have been to beautiful places as well here in town such as museums, castles, and favorite snack bar to eat doner (that counts right?!).


we celebrated our anniversary! and my man got a new job that he loves. we also completed the last piece of furniture, which is exhaust hood in the kitchen! haha!

back to the outfit, i have also been exploring new online websites to shop. it also helped me to find pieces i love lately, AND actually go to stores in the city. man, i never been in the stores as often as the past few months since 2 years!  i found online websites back then and thought why should i go outside again to shop clothes, however i missed that thing. looking at the details and the fabrics, trying on clothes, and actually get the clothes right away! besides, my man prefers to shop with me in the stores and look at my outfits straightaway. it's also fun to go with him shopping because he lets me 'im Laden frei entfalten und mir hinterher gehen' (the germans know what i am talking about, haha!) and he always has funny sayings while shopping and i love it.

today's outfit is about soft colors. i am in love with my rose sweater lately (got it from Zara!) and matching it with my fleece denim jacket, which is perfect for early fall. black boots and stripes pants and i am ready to go!


until then.


Toks said…
Love the trousers. xoxoxo
thanks babe! have a great day!
yuanzeng said…
looking great
thank you and a have a lovely day!
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