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2017 in review.

here's to an amazing year filled with hard work and incredible memories!
are you ready?

JAN 2017
first snow ever in our new city! i start off this year launching a brand new blog, Morning Mountains. also, got my own P.O. Box.

FEB 2017
our car was broken so we took a tram for the first time to go out celebrate Valentine's Day! my man reserved 2 tables at Asian restaurant online and it happened to be such a small one, which we didn't expected of. but it turned to be a great night! i found the best strawberry wrap recipe ever and, we visited Berlin at the end of the month.

MAR 2017
we got a new car! we had our very first ice cream this year and many many evening strolls!

APR 2017
nothing big was really happening in April. we still had to clean out the stuff in our new apartment and bought new furniture.

MAY 2017
my man and i turned one year older. he baked a delicious birthday cake for me which was wonderful!! and i got a DIY pop up birthday card from him that i always wanted to do my whole life. i kept failing doing it and got it on my birthday was a pretty big deal. and, we visited zoo for the first time!

JUN 2017
summer break has just started! i had a further education for 3 days and we had a picnic for the very first time and took a tram at a big park.

JUL 2017
i visited Indonesia for the first time after 4 years and got to know another cousins. i also had a great holiday in Malaysia days before i landed in Indonesia. my man and i went Rundkino a.k.a cinema in our city for the first time. we visited Bastei, a famous rock formation above the Elbe river near by the town.

AUG 2017
back in Germany! and third semester has finally arrived! it was getting pretty crazy as the school has just begun. but thank god for the sun and a real hot summer.

SEP 2017
we visited Burg Stolpen, which is an interesting place to see. and my man got me an analog camera that i've always wanted!

OCT 2017
we celebrated our anniversary! we had a brunch at KFC. we got our very first wall art in the kitchen. we visited the biggest Irrgarten europes in our city. and my man got a new job, which he likes.

NOV 2017
we found our billiard spot! one day he wanted to take a sunday stroll and it happened to be a surprise because he drove me to a billiard spot instead. we wanted to play some billiard for a long time now and it turned out to be a great sunday!

DEC 2017
i went to Weihnachtsmarkt for the first time with my friends. my man and i decorated the house for christmas. we found the best Bratwurst and took our very first photo booth picture. and i got a new hairbang!

until then.


Unknown said…
Wow. You had a fantastic 2017 Grace! And my, your outfits we're amazing :)
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