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Items of the month - January.

as february comes in, i would like you to know THE items of the month. i discovered many good things lately and just can't help but share them here with you guys. it does not contain only beauty product, but also piece of clothes and accessories. and this time, my very first post of items of the month is the combination of all. one of them is even a restock!

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let's talk about the estée lauder double wear foundation. i am crazy about this product! tbh, i never wanted to wear foundation again since i have tried many different foundations, mostly they just seem so cakey on my skin. but this one is a magic! i bought it the first time about two years ago and i bought the second one just this month. i am incredibly happy about it!

this nyx butter gloss.. i can't describe how amazing it is. i mean, the smell! i am obsessed! it feels so soft on my lips and doesn't even feel sticky at all. it's insanely good!

3. & 4.
i bought two items from asos this month and they definitely worth the money! this top and necklace are really pretty and have that vintage vibes on them. i had to wait till my size was available again but i am so glad i got the top and it's unfortunately sold out! 

5. & 6.
this brand has definitely taken social media by storm. i mean who hasn't seen a tarte product somewhere on their social media feeds in the last month? i read many good reviews about it and saw how good the spray works for glowy look, and i am all about glowy skin!

have you tried one of these products? which one is your favorite? have a wonderful day!

until then.


I also love Tarte cosmetics since 15 years ago when my sister introduces me to when my sister introduced me to their cheek stain. I haven't tried this Ready Set Radiant yet, but sound awesome. Just found your blog and will be following you from now on!

thanks a lot, my dear! have a wonderful day x
Great picks! I love Este Lauder :)

thank you so much! have a lovely day! x
Great picks! Love that necklase!:) Beautiful layout on blog btw!

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oh thank you so much babe!! have a wonderful day! x
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