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Valentine's day gift ideas.

it's hard to believe that valentine's day is around the corner. it feels like i've spent my new year's eve just yesterday! then again, it means that this is the second post i wrote about valentine's day gift ideas. i don't know about you, but i am in love with the idea of valentine's day. it's about anything but love, romance and beauty. and who doesn't love love? i couldn't let myself not to be prepared for this day.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2018

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i am doing a fun collage of gift ideas for a special woman holiday this year. when it comes to it, i am all about blush and red shades. i have discovered some cute things recently. one of my favorites is this roses de chloĆ© parfum. i am obsessed! as somebody passed right in front of me, i directly fell in love to the smell of this parfum. and since i was looking for it for weeks. but hey, it's totally worth it! and i also found one of the best red lipstick ever, the one from yves saint laurent. i love how this lipstick feels on my lips. it doesn't make them dry and is freakin' soft! totally worth the price! and let's be honest, how cute these shoes are! i am definitely buy me some for this spring/summer. 

which one is your favorite? let me know in the comment below! have a lovely day!

until then.


  1. great gift ideas!

    1. thank you so much! have a wonderful day! x

  2. Great ideas- xoxoxo

    1. thank you my dear! have a lovely day! x


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