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Weekend Look: casual chic neutral look.

the last 13 days went pretty good for me. i tried out some new beauty products, posted pictures on instagram regularly (till yesterday where i was really ill), tidied up and thrown away all the  junk, cut out sugar, developed healthy eating habits, did self-care at least once a week, and got back to a study routine after a long gap! it was a lil harder than i thought, because i really want to try out new routines this year to find out what work for me to develop myself personally and professionally. overall, i am happy about what i accomplished in the last two weeks.

today we cleared up the christmas stuff in the house because.. it's time. haha! a bit late i guess, but never mind. i could watch christmas tree a little while tho, because it's hard to remove this beautiful thing from the living room. i think we all know this situation pretty well, don't we? but i am also relieved that we already did an early spring cleaning. i am thinking about thinning out the closet, too. i need room already as we move into spring.

speaking of closet, i feel like all my hanger and shelves are taken with piece of clothes. it feels like i can hardly find something to wear to go out especially when i am in a hurry. the first thing that comes in my mind is.. all i want is to be comfortable and forget about the color combination. especially on cold days, i frequently go for casual look. by picking my red heels i got from H&M, matching a long sleeve beige shirt with striped trousers and i am ready to go! how easy is it?!

how did you spend the first 2 weeks of the year? let me know in the comment below! i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.
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