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Items of the Month - February

i know February is really short but seriously, has it been a month already? i feel like i am ready for winter to end and already did a li'l spring shopping online without going too crazy about it. with the new years come my obsession in skincare, as you know, i am inspired by young women out there taking care of their skin early in order to get a healthier skin in 30 years and i am working on it. and since the sun comes out (reminds me of summer days, haha!), makes me obsessed about the sundresses. i mean, there are so many cute ones that i wanna buy them all!

my favorite online shop of all time is ASOS! i always go back to this when i need something or just browse through it when i am bored at home like i am. i have to stay in bed the whole week due to my blood pressure. thanks to asos i found some great piece of clothing for spring this year. this long black skirt and midi-dress are so adorable i can't leave without adding them to cart!

1. / 2. / 3. / 4.

i also stumbled upon an instagram of an amazing make-up artist and she used this one great product for her model's eyebrow: Soapbrows Kit. the eyebrows are always on fleek and i have been looking for the method/product for it for months. i am about to try it real soon because it just came this week. so excited!

my man and i went shopping in the city last week and i founded these beautiful rings from H&M. i have such thin fingers and i always have hard times finding the right rings to my collection. these are GOLD! i mean, not gold, but so pretty! so when i saw these, i went straight to the cashier and bought them!

so, you can tell how excited i am to face the new season with these spring items. the fact that the temperature over here is dropping twenty degrees makes me excited even more! anyway, have you tried one of these products? which one would you buy? have a lovely day!

until then.


Blaire Bingham said…
ASOS is also one of my favorite online retailers. I feel like I have been stalking it lately in search of new arrivals. Love these picks.
xo, Whitney and Blaire
Peaches In A Pod

thank you, beauty! have a lovely day x
awhite said…
I love those rings- H&M has been killing it lately!

Le Stylo Rouge
Andreea said…
The off shoulder dress is really pretty. Hope you are having a great day. xx

Marta said…
I'm really curious about that soap brows product! Please share your thoughts on it when you can! :)
i will do an extra post on it! have a lovely day, Marta! x
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