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Wonderful things about winter.

February has long arrived and it felt like winter is almost over, until last week! i was a huge fan of sweater season and i just loved the chilly weather in winter and much of what it brings. i mean, what's not to love about christmas and hot chocolate? i remember four years ago the moment i received my flight tickets to germany in september i was beyond excited that i finally have a perfect excuse to switch my summer wardrobe to a winter wardrobe. but lately, it is getting worse. it gets dark early, no sun up in the sky and with sundresses everywhere in social media you can hardly deny that you are not dreaming of summertime. 

last week there was heavy snow during our sunday stroll. snow! to be honest, i have been waiting for it (before winter ends) and it made the city so beautiful all of a sudden. then i realize that there is something about winter that i also couldn't get enough of. this season makes me feel lazy and passive as it's very frozen outside that i feel like staying inside my home cuddling in a blanket without doing anything. but until spring hits, it’s time to embrace the cold weather. i have started writing down the wonderful things about winter and keep this list handy to help me on those bitter cold days.

despite the fact that it's the biggest holiday of the year, it's the time where we finally have a perfect excuse to decorate the house and bake cookies!! i am literally beyond happy when i see Lebkuchen in the stores because i know that christmas is already around the corner! and discovering christmas stuff everywhere while you look for gifts between those colorful decoration where everything is jolly for the loved ones, is so pleasing!

Hot drinks.
i kind of have a love-hate relationship with hot drinks. i mean, i've never enjoyed hot drinks in my life since i'm moving in germany. the hot weather makes me so sick of drinking any. i was like, no more hot drinks! and since my very first winter experience, i am craving hot tea and hot cacao a lot! i feel like these really help me through the day, especially on those snowy days.

Bubble baths.
yes, yes, the bubbles, but it's more than that! it improves your mood, reduce cold symptoms and produces better sleep. and with baths, you can just lay back and relax! it's one of those ways to reduce stress from a long tiring day. the smells and the warm feeling when getting in to bed afterwards just reinforces that ready-to-sleep feeling. i always have an amazing feeling when i take some baths because it's so pleasing!

Winter wardrobe.
turtlenecks, coats, warm sweaters, boots, what's not to love about the winter wardrobe? from a boss-lady to parisien-chic look, you can create them all in one season! there is something about staying warm in that perfect coat and oversized sweater. it feels really cozy and comfortable!

Snow days.
one of the best thing that everyone loves in winter, snow! every time the first snow falls, it's like you are living in winter wonderland. i mean, there is no argument here but the coldness , which i am tired of. the scarf, gloves, thick socks won't help it's crazy! but there is absolutely nothing more peaceful that i can think of than watching snow gently fall. snow days are an absolute positive, even those who hate winter can't deny!

i don't know about you, but this is how i describe the perfect winter days: snowy and sunshine. you can't deny the feeling on days like this, where it's freaking cold outside but somehow the sun keeps you warm. i could stay outside all day long on sunny winter days.

New year.
the new year season is always a time of reflection for me. i mean, everybody could use a new chapter. between celebrating with the loved ones, dressing up, and toasting with champagne, it's hard not to enjoy all the festivities that go along with new year's eve. and, another excuse to wear those goofy new year's glasses and headbands!

what is it that makes you love winter? share with me in the comment below! have a wonderful day!

until then.


You look so cool! :)

Andreea said…
Obsessed with the burgundy baker boy hat and your teddy coat looks so snuggly. Adore it. Wishing you a great day. xx

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