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BW - Blue and White.

today is the last working day of the week and i am slowly sliding into the weekend already. it has been such a good week because i was working in the operating room of Angiography and Urography. i am so grateful for the experience because i am really impressed of the medicine that we have nowadays. with the weekend comes many stuff to learn too because i have five tests next week so i gotta be ready. but first things first, soakin' some sunshine on spring days!

this look is one of my favorites because the color combination is really lovely. as i saw these white mom jeans on NA-KD, i am in love because it fits my body and has the perfect length for me as a small person. the jeans are not really straight leg, neither bootcut, kind of the combination of booth, so it's great! and how pretty my blue top is?!

what do you think about this outfit? i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.
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