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How to style eyebrows with soap.

some of you have asked me how i do my eyebrows. as you see, i have a natural pretty thick brows and i have to be careful when it comes to grooming them. i actually just go for an easy styled eyebrows and nothing fancy on them so i prefer to shape them to look as natural as possible. i am happy with the results that come with my top secrets that i have been using for weeks now. i am loving these so much because it does not look too much for any of my make-up look and gives the perfect natural touch on it. one of the product is also recommended by this amazing make-up artist based in London and the eyebrows look amazingly stunning!

products used:

all you have to do is make your brush wet with face mist or any kind of face spray or just spritzing one or two directly on the soap. after that, roll it around the soap and comb it through your brows until all of the hair was coated and sticking straight up. you have to leave it to dry before you fill in. the soap will keeping brows firmly held in the direction they are brushed.

of course you can also try any other soap if you have any around, but i recommend a mild, facial bar-soap. it naturally feels like it dries out once you brush them with soap, but the product are using the finest natural and organic ingredients so i do not have to worry at all that i damage them. the brand use only vegetable and plant based ingredients so this is suitable for vegan use. apart from the fact that it costs about £10, this soap is super handy and it saves me so much time because of the natural look so i am very pleased with the result this product gives on my eyebrows. the soap comes with extra two little brushes which is amazing if you want to use separate brushes.


after all, this soap definitely worth the money since it serves its purpose and contains organic ingredients. i will recommend this to all ladies out there, especially those who adore groomed, fuller looking, natural brows like me.

what do you think about it? would you want to try it out? have a wonderful day!

until then.


Shannon Jenkins said…
I never knew you could do this! Thank you for the tips!

<3 Shannon 
Upbeat Soles
Blaire Bingham said…
I never thought of using this method! Very creative. Thanks for sharing!
xo, Whitney and Blaire
Peaches In A Pod
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