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Items of the Month - April

i feel like i need to take a break for now, probably 'til christmas, because April goes by so fast! the fact that my birthday is coming up is kinda freaking me out. it's not because i am getting older, but we almost reach the half of the year and i am not even ready to have another birthday, already! i used to be mentally prepared for every birthday of mine, but the last four years have been even busier and busier i could not believe that tomorrow is May 1st! i still have to manage between work and study for this week, even the big exam happens on my birthday.

but that's another story, and there will be a special post a.k.a. birthday post pretty soon because this time it's *drumroll* items of the month! when i saw the things i bought this month i realized that they are visually so stunning. let's just get started because it's a combination of fashion and beauty product this month!

1. Bershka - off the shoulder top
i gotta feeling i am gonna wear this beauty pretty often 'till the autumn hits because it's so versatile, it matches perfectly with either mom jeans or midi skirt. the material is super comfy and i don't mind if it's a bit shorter than tops i have in my wardrobe. i mean, you can never go wrong with white tops, am i right?

2. Bershka - polka dot midi skirt
have i mention that i am all about midi skirt this year?! i feel very parisian chic whenever in this. it is so adorable i could not resist buying it on the spot! the fact that i do not have so many skirts even makes me happier that i invest in such a beautiful one! i cannot wait to wear this!

3. Beauty Glam - Peel-off Illuminating Mask
i have been looking for a good mask for weeks, i mean, there are many good ones everywhere, but i want to try out the cheaper one with the glowing effect since the warmer weather has arrived. the packaging of this is so cute, and without being dramatic, i might trust this one on my face! it looks interesting and i am about to use this tonight! so another review is coming up later!

4. hair accessories
you know one of those quotes: when you are in a clothing store and in doubt, just buy hair accessories! just kidding, it applies to me only. i have a long straight hair since forever and ponytail is one of my favorite when i am in a hurry. so these cuties are always with me lately and i am thankful for it!

what do you think about these products? which one is your favorite already? i wish you all a wonderful Monday!

until then.


Andreea said…
Love the skirt and ots top combo, they were great purchases! Have a nice day. xx

awhite said…
Loving that polka dot number, lady! Great score!

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