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My first youtube video is online!

you guys, i did it! i cannot believe my eyes till i saw it done. 

this is a very special post because i decided to do what i always wanted to do since three years now: making my first youtube video! i remember two years ago when i launched this website i told myself that i just want to focus on my blog first and maybe one day, one day when i am ready, i will do the youtube thing. but you know what? i actually did not know when i will be ready for it. this thing will never happen when i am waiting for it.

i watch youtube videos intensely since four years ago, and that was because i want to take my make-up skills to the next level. i mean, mascara and lipstick only? come on. there is nothing wrong with these, it's great though, but we all can do more with make-up, trying new things, don't you think! so inspired by them, i was having the thought of making my own channel one day. not beauty video, but more of style and fashion that i am really into.

and then i watch one of inspiring videos of Mel Robbins. you might have seen her somewhere with her amazing 5 second rules, and if you haven't, watch her youtube channel right now! i follow her since almost a year now, and this woman is such an amazing person, she keep saying: 

we are all will never feel ready. so, do it.

and it's true. here it is!

after producing this video for about a week, i gain a lot more respect for all youtubers. if you see the beauty or style videos on youtube, you may think it's easy to make, but woman i can tell you, it's not. producing one single video requires bunch of efforts, time, creativity and energy. i mean, i am having fun along the way but it really is a hard work! despite the fact that recording it lasted about one hour, editing the video took me four days. i even had no experience in editing video, so it was kind of exhausting. but it's worth it, it is freaking worth it because i wanted this thing! i am so happy that i did it, and i hope you can enjoy my very first video. if you are also on youtube, do not forget to subscribe for another update!

have a fabulous weekend!

until then.
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