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Spring at the Elbe.

we had a coffee with a friend of us last week and sunday strolls at the river Elbe after. if you have been following my blog since months, you might have read about this beautiful river that located in my town. but it was such a good day that my man and i want to do it again, just the two of us! i love little dates with my man, especially when it comes to walking around in our free time.

spring days over here in germany is so wonderful. we had a really long winter and since the spring hits, it's kind of warmer than the usual one. the air is lovely and people are going outside soaking sunshine with a good mood. i do not know how i survive the last three weeks of school this year without this beautiful weather. now that exam weeks are happening, it's getting exhausted and i have to push through. spring has helped me to take a break for a day and just go outside to enjoy the nature. it is always so refreshing and it boosts my mood immediately, especially when i get to spend the day with my man. we already planned a picnic date anytime soon or probably just sitting outside on a towel at the park till sunset. either way, i am excited about it! did you even realize how stunning it is to savour the nighttime sounds of spring peepers and foxes' barking, and the scent of a moonlit night?! it was one of those moments where you stand still and stay silent for awhile, watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, and i thank god for that.

i got this gorgeous summer dress maybe already last winter and i have been waiting for warmer days to come since! it's such a pretty black midi dress, perfectly matched with my red sandals i bought when i was in Malaysia last summer. this is the most favorite dress of mine at the moment and is still available in the beige shades on ASOS!

do you also like the dress? and what do you love the most about this season? share with me in the comment below what activities you are excited about this spring!

until then.


Ivana Split said…
This black summer dress is gorgeous. It looks great on you. This styling is simply perfect.
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