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Spring Fashion Trends 2018 | My Top 5

so.. spring is officially in the air here in germany and i am super excited to finally share with you my top five spring trends this year since i have not written such post before on the blog! that's because this is actually my first time following the trends because there are so much to love about them lately that i need to round up the trends that i can't wait to start wearing!

i always feel like i have to wear colorful piece of clothes in spring since the flowers bloom everywhere, but the last months i have tried some basic outfit that includes white shades and it's actually so flattering if it's mixed with colorful pieces to let the color pop out like yellow or red shoes. white might not be really a trend because it's 'only' one of those basic colors but you sure have seen many white dresses around right now so i think it's safe to say that it IS a trend and i am so happy about it because this color looks  stunning on any skin tone!

as a huge comeback from the 80s, it is the prettiest trend that ever happening this year! there are many ways to style it, whether wear it as bracelet or style it on those messy hairs if you do not have much time and want to go on a casual date. i personally love to style it to the low ponytail because it's the easiest hairstyle around and you have that cute hairstyle in less than five minutes! 

this is the trend you need to add to your shopping list RIGHT NOW! it is such a cute accessories to add to your spring wardrobe and gives a nice holiday touch to any spring/summer outfit, even though you are not going or flying anywhere this year! it looks even adorable with the silk scarf around the handle of your straw bag! 

the it-color of the season, am i right?! i have been loving these colors like forever, so when it's around i am so happy about it. the color is universally flattering and it looks just fabulous on every skin tone. i have seen a cute sweater in the lavender shade anytime last autumn and i just bought it right away! i cannot believe it's a trend this year! tbh, i am not into trends in generall and only wear what i really love but i have been loving many trends lately that i have to recap a spring trends on the blog this year!

you might have seen this trend around for months now so i need to add this to the list! i mean, the indie-touch is just effortlessly cool! it comes in every color but i personally love the black one (mine is from Mango) because of the cool factor and it fits in every (basic) spring look!

are you also into one of these trends? which one is your favorite? i wish you all a fabulous sunday!

until then.


Shannon Jenkins said…
Loving all these trends! I need a cute straw bag for spring!

<3 Shannon 
Upbeat Soles
Love you list
It´s very inspiring
yuanzeng said…
These photos are so beautiful!
Jeanne said…
Cool selection Dear!! I love the print of the scarf!
♥ Mango Lilac Satin dress ♥
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