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Items of the Month - May

the end of the month has arrived! which means one thing: the items of the month! since it's my favorite month of the year, there are some of my favorite piece of clothes and one beauty product to share on the blog that i have been addicted to lately!

1. white t-shirt  i am so into white nowadays …

Just glow up!

once the flowers start to bloom out there, i feel like it is a brand new life for each of us, don't you think? i mean, the sun, the spirit, and people in general are different, in positive way of course. so probably that is also why everyone in spring is basically way much glowing from inside o…

Do it, anyway.

It's May and I am happy.
I have a good life that's why, and thank god I have one. When I look back to where I wanted to be 5 years ago and where I am right now, I can say that I am so blessed. I moved to Europe to do what I have been wanting to do and now I speak German, have a wonderful man…

Birthday Post 2018.

yesterday, i turned one year older.
when i was a kid i remember being so excited for birthdays. i decorated my room by myself and took my time to celebrate alone at midnight when the house was at its silence. this was one of my rituals for a reflection on everything in my life. it's important to…
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