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How To Survive A Heat Wave At Home

I cannot remember the last time I had to deal with such a weather. I've lived in one of the tropical countries Indonesia for years, yet I have never got to survive in the extreme temperatures like this. My parents' home there has three air conditioners, where in Germany almost no one has even one. The fact that there are only heaters in every household due to the cooler climate is really difficult to deal with at first and to be honest I was not prepared at all. Haha! (but It's better though because the winter over here can be brutal sometimes). The last three days were so challenging to me due to heat wave, so I decided to do something a.k.a research the best ways how to cope in very hot weather. I want to share some tricks you can try at home and I hope they can be helpful for at least some of you!

Take a shower with lukewarm water before going to bed.
It is no secret that a shower before bed helps you to fall asleep. But you definitely do not want to take a hot shower after a heat wave, do you? In that case, I prefer lukewarm water than cold water in summer. The sudden shock from the cold water just seems more horrifying than shooting to me, while it can be so refreshing, too, but we all want to relax our body instead of facing some kind of stressors before hitting the hay. If you stand the cold water, then go ahead. That sensation generates electrical impulses that wake up your brain, and I am pretty sure want to avoid that in the evening. The optimal timing? About an hour before going to bed.

Place your feet in cold water.
I learned during winters that I have some cooling spots I got to keep warm to survive in the cold weather. And that's basically it! I can use this knowledge in the summer, too. These spots contain pulse points, where you can feel your pulse because your blood vessels are so close to the surface of your skin. And because of that, you can also cool off your blood and body temperature by getting the area in contact with cool stuff (in this case, with water!). It includes neck, wrists, the insides of your elbows and knees, as well as the tops of your feet, insides of your ankle and on your inner thighs. Of course there are a few more, but these are the most convenient for the purpose of cooling yourself. And why feet, you asked?! Because It's the simplest way to if you just sit on the couch at home! And, you can also do something else like writing a blog while you keep yourself cool!

Put your socks in the freezer!
But not too long! Few minutes can be enough for them to cool down your body. You definitely do not want frozen socks that you cannot put on. While we learned why it works amazing to cool down by putting your feet in cold water, you can get the same effect by putting these socks on before going to bed. It won't last forever though but at least It helps!

Cover windows that receive morning and afternoon sun.
Shut windows and pull down the shades when the room you are in is cooler than the temperature outside and open the windows again only in the morning 'till about 8 am and in the evening from 10 am. It definitely depends on your location! I can even feel the heat by standing near my windows like a heater, It's crazy! Opening the window on a breezy warm day may make you feel like you’re cooling off your house, but it’s an illusion. In fact, you’re actually letting loads of hotter air into your home. The trick is to keep your windows closed to lock in the cool air and then, if necessary, use a fan to move the air around and make yourself feel cooler. It works on me!

Staying well hydrated.
At least one liter more during a heat wave! So, if you normally drink two liters a day, you should drink three liters right now. We become more quickly dehydrated during this time and It can causes a lot of the health problems (the unpleasant dehydration headaches, ugh!). It’s crucial to make sure you drink plenty of water or a sports drink with electrolytes, even if you don't feel thirsty! The body loses water through daily activities, such as sweating and urinating and while the amount of fluid lost is easily balanced through drinking or eating fluid-rich foods, the body loses water faster than it can be replenished sometimes. 

Eat appropriately. 
Eating is an effective method to control your body temperature. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead of foods that are rich in protein, since It'll increase your body temperature because large meals take more work to digest. Eat light meals regularly instead is a better choice, rather than two or three enormous plates of food. Do not forget to replace lost salts and minerals as well as water with a handful of salted nuts or pretzels if you are sweating a lot!

What do you think about these tips and tricks? I wish you all a lovely day and stay cool!

until then.


We are having a heat wave here too or more accurately a humidity wave it has been so hot and humid here. I hate humidity. Just sweating non stop. But NY has always been this way in the summer now it just worse. But Germany, the UK and France? Not so much. All b/c of global warming.

Love your tips here! Putting your feet in cold water, will have to do this!

Allie of
Nancy said…
Oh man, I can totally relate to this post right now - we're going through a heat wave in LA. Love all of these tips! I didn't know putting socks in the freezer is a life hack!! I NEED to try this out! I agree with covering windows. They heat up your house really quick! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy ♥
Unknown said…
Great tips hun! Love the put the socks in the freezer idea! We're having a massive heatwave in London too and the city is definitely struggling xx
FashionRadi said…
I love these tips. Wow got to try some of them as the desert heat is really starting to burn!
yeah putting socks in the freezer helps! I forgot my new socks yesterday in the freezer for like almost 6 hours and I was surprised that It didn't get frozen at all! It was amazingly cooling my feet for a while!

I am glad that these are something you'd try out! x

have a lovely day, Nancy!
the fact that London experiences a massive heatwave, too, kinda sucks! I hope these tips can help you a bit! x

have a fantastic day, dear Dominique!
yes I feel like heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense all over the world! that's kinda sad though!

I wish you a wonderful day, Allie!
I am glad you love them and I hope they can help you survive this horrible heatwave! stay safe x
have a wonderful day!
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