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Items of The Month - July

It's time to share with you all the items I have been loving lately a.k.a. during the whole July. If you see another blog posts of this series (over here), I keep posting maximum five items mentioned. This is because I have been practicing mindful shopping the past months now and i want to focus on what really matters to me when it comes to buying things. I mean, there are always pressures to overshop no matter how consciously you buy something. It's actually pretty weird to write this series anymore, but then again it's all about things I want to share to you that you probably need right now. Sure, you might not need this blazer I'll mention later, or pants, yet these are really comfortable and fit me so well that they are worth recommending.

Mindful shopping has been helping me in many cases. When it comes to fashion, I always try not to rush to buy any kind of pieces. So, when I see a beautiful top, I mostly consider first why I want it. Is it the great material? Is it the color that flatters my skin tone? I would want to take some time, maybe two or three days to really think before I purchase it. It takes time, indeed, but It's definitely worth it. Throughout this month, I finally nailed my personal style which is something I’ve been trying to do for quite some time. From there I can narrow down my color choices and just stick to them. I am really excited about white, black, beige to brown and dusty pink at the moment and pretty sure will always be. Other than that, I do not have to think of any other colors anymore (yay!). So let's take a look of the items..

Blush Blazer
A good blazer should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I never thought it is a lot more versatile than something you pair with trousers or a skirt. You can either dress up and dress down a blazer in many ways (like this one or this one). It's all about finding the right color and pattern and the one that fits you just right. I stumbled upon this beauty at H&M store and I am head over heels with it! You know, when you see blush it's often associated with casual and relax, while this also looks really professional that you can wear it to a business appointment. It's amazing!

Brown Midi Dress
I have to be honest, I only have three dresses in my wardrobe right now. And the fact that it's really comfortable, I feel like I need to get this one, too (a blog post about this dress right here). It gives an instant summer vibe and fits my body so well that I can wear it in the summer heat, all summer long. This becomes my almost everyday dress lately and I am happy I bought it. I am really picky when it comes to dress because I want one that flatters my body, too. This one you can find on Bershka and only costs under 20€!
White Tops (similar here)
The top is also from Bershka and I am just loving it! I wore it to picnics, grocery shopping (right here), and I feel like it is really versatile for many occasions and easy to combined with any pieces (not to mention the color white anyway!). It's airy and lightweight, which is perfect for the summer heat. I already said that many times, don't I? Haha! You know, when you love something, you just can't say enough about it!

Brown Pants (sold out)
These pants were on sale as I saw it at Zara and they were one of the best summer finds! I am glad they were in my size and have the perfect length. I wonder why I did not have such pants before, since I can wear it casually anywhere (right here). These will be the perfect piece to pack on vacation, too! As a short woman, it is sometimes not easy to find pants that fits perfectly, am I right ladies?!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Souffle
I have been to a dermatologist last month due to keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, which I confused with acne first. It was really frustrating for me because I had it first since I am moving to Germany. I thought I have developed some kind of allergy in some ways and it appeared to be getting worse each year. I am so relieved to know that it is 'just' a harmless skin condition which I can get rid of with some treatments. My doctor said the best way to treat it is to moisturize as often as I can, and do never pick at them! So I thought I will start off with choosing the right body cream. This product instantly hydrates and nourishes my skin the first I applied it. What important for me is that it's fragrance-free and contains oils that moisturize skin. This one has coconut oil, papaya fruit extract, aloe vera leaf juice, vitamin c and lemon peel oil, which sound great to me. It does absorb into my skin so quickly and help keep it smooth!

What do you think about the items? Have you ever heard of these items before? I wish you all a great end of the month!

Until then.


Rach said…
I"m loving what you're loving! The blush blazer and brown midi sounds amazing. Such a great color combo too for Fall!
Shannon Jenkins said…
That brown midi dress is so cute! I love the polka dots!

<3 Shannon 
Upbeat Soles
Katrina said…
I also love that coconut oil! Im so glad that you found something that works for your skin! I think that coconut oil is such a great product. You are so beautiful and I'm so glad that I found your blog! Its so cool that you've recently moved to Germany! I hope all is well for you!
I am GLAD that you love them, too! and omg yes, these colors are even perfect for Fall! x
have a lovely day, dear Rach!
thank you so much, dear Shannon! x
have a fantastic day!
that's so sweet of you to say, dear Katrina! thank YOU! I am glad that I found your blog! I figured that coconut oil is really amazing for skin, and even for something else in general. Obviously worth a try! x
have a wonderful day!
I would love to add a blush blazer to my closet. Thanks for these suggestions!
awhite said…
That coconut oil souffle sounds divine!

Le Stylo Rouge
I am glad you get inspired, dear Kathrine! x
have a lovely day!
it's amazing!! x
have a fantastic day, dear Ashley!
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