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Kitchen Photoshoot

I am pretty sure that I mentioned this pretty often: almost all my pictures were taken by my amazing man (he also has a blog btw!). He is my favorite photographer because he knows which angle is the best for me and he literally knows my needs so he has been a big help for this site and my other social media platforms. Unfortunately his vacation is officially over and It's kinda hard to make some content at the moment with him. While I still have three more weeks of summer break, I'd love to create something at home by myself without having to stress him. I had time to do an editorial photoshoot earlier this week at the corner of my kitchen, where the light is amazing during summertime and I just love moving around in it and being surrounded by, not to mention food, natural sunlight that comes through the windows. I am currently into blazer and in love with one of mine I bought weeks ago (had a blog post too about it earlier right here). I love the fact that blush has a fresh, translucent, and dewy effect, adds an elegant touch into any outfits. I thought It would be the perfect piece of clothes for this kind of photoshoot!

What do you think about it? Are you a fan of blazer, too? I wish you all a wonderful day!

Until then.


Gabrielle said…
You would never know this was shot in your kitchen, wow! You have such a stylish and calming aesthetic babe, love it! x
aww, that's so sweet of you to say! thank you so much, dear Gabrielle! x
have a wonderful start into the week!
GadorVisión said…
OOh!! Unas fotos increibles!!!
You look amazing and the photos are really great! :)

Kasie said…
These turned out so beautifully. I am seriously impressed you did this on your own. Your kitchen makes a gorgeous setting!
thank you so much, dear Meri! x
have a lovely day!
that's so sweet of you! thank you so much, dear Kasie! I am glad you like it! x
have a wonderful day!
Jessica Broyles said…
I just adore this color pink! You look lovely!
thank you so much, dear Jessica! x
have a lovely day!
Sarah said…

Beautiful !

Unknown said…
You're looking so awesome and the shots are such amazing

Katherine. Calibre jackets
YOU are! thank you, dear Sarah! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Katherine! x
have a fantastic day!
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