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The Best Summer Skincare Tips

If you are anything like me, you probably look forward to summer all year long. But first things first, skincare! With the summer fun activities, it's so easy to get distracted and get lack of skin care. With higher levels of humidity return for these past months, it's important to keep your skin properly hydrated since it still requires a balanced routine. Summer temperatures have shifted toward more extreme heat this year, and don’t forget about those powerful UV rays! Here are my best summer skincare tips I want to share to you all so you are prepared for the rest of the summer!

Cleanse twice a day!
You may find out that you sweat more often than the previous months and if you are like me, who has been sweating since waking up 'till the sun rises down, it can be very exhausting to have such an oily face the whole day and that can also cause acne every now and then. While I do it every day anyhow either in summer or in winter, cleansing twice daily has been helping me to prevent acne. Especially in the summer heat, it feels so refreshing everytime I wash away oil and following up with moisturizer. I allow my skin the chance to breathe again, instead of getting in bed with dirt on.

Don't forget your lips and hair!
I remember the first time I found a lip balm with spf years ago, and I was like.. wait, this is a thing? Haha! I have seen many sunscreens, but nothing for lips AND hair! I have obviously missed many things in my life. Since I am naturally tan, I lived in a culture where I know less about the importance of spf. But now that I am sort of an expert of this spf thing, I am glad that I can do something good for myself a.k.a. protecting my skin from UVA und UVB rays while being in the sun because my lips and hair keep getting so dry after, and it's annoying. So, don't forget them, too, ladies!

Eat cooling foods!
You know that feeling once you eat watermelon and you feel healthier as ever (at least I do! haha!). What we eat has a lot to do with how we look and feel. So, go for seasonal fruits and vegetables! Almost all propagators of health food are insistent on consuming fruits and vegetables like bitter gourd, cucumber, tori, watermelon, etc and all these are extremely rich in water and have a nourishing effect. I eat a lot more of fruits this summer because I feel like it helps reduce my body heat, too, and it's amazing!

Don't over powder your face!
Instead, try blotting papers. It's my favorite! Because you actually do not need to powder the whole face. There's nothing worse than feeling like your makeup is melting down your face, I can feel you. But if you really want to apply powder, use a small powder brush instead and concentrate only on the oily areas to prevent your makeup from looking cakey. You should just lightly press the powder onto the oily areas and don't be heavy-handed with your brush! The oily areas are typically the T-zone. So, focus on that!

Keep skin hydrated!
Drink more water, ladies! I have told you a lot in my previous blog posts how important it is to do especially during the summer. Drinking adequate amount of water is crucial as water helps in digestion, circulation, and getting rid of skin toxins. The simple action for more hydrated skin is to hydrate your body with some good clean water. In the summer heat like this I drink like two to three glasses every hour and it kinda helps reduce my body heat, too!

Apply, and reapply!
Yes, you should apply sunscreen, and reapply it! If you are planning to spend time outdoors, be sure to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours! UVA/UVB rays not only damage and age the skin, but exposure to them also puts you at risk for developing certain skin cancers. I wish I knew these tips earlier, because I used to apply it once I am outside and never again 'till the next day. When I think of it over and over again, it's kinda insane that I've done that! But remember: nothing is too late, even if it's after 19 years! Haha!

What do you think of these tips? Has any of them helped you yet? I wish you all a wonderful start of the week!

Until then.


Rach said…
These are great skincare tips! Thank you for sharing!
Kasie said…
Your tip about eating cooling foods is so key! I have been doing everything right but eating super inflammatory foods lately and, oh my goodness, can you ever see it on my skin!
Unknown said…
These are great makeup and skincare tips! I definitely agree on reapplying sunscreen part, but how do you reapply sunscreen if you're wearing makeup? Avoiding over powdering the face is something I learnt last summers, my makeup looks so much better now!
Hope you're having an amazing week!
Ankita | Real Girl Talks
thank you, dear Rach! x
have a wonderful day!
I am glad you find it helpful, dear Kasie! x
have a lovely day!
I think you can always start strong by applying sunscreen under your makeup, dear Ankita! or try a moisturizer with built-in spf (tinted moisturizer is one of the best option!). there are also setting spray packed with sunscreen or powder sunscreen that you can always opt for when in need! x
have a fantastic day!
awhite said…
Love these tips, babe- skincare is so important!

Le Stylo Rouge
thank you, dear Ashley! x
have a wonderful day!
Hara_kr said…
So informative, thank you for sharing <3
Hara |
I am glad you find this post informative, dear Hara! thank you x
have a lovely day!
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