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Dress(ing) for Fall

So.. Fall is finally (kinda) here and I am really enjoying the season's change right now. The temperature drops down to literally under 10° C and while it's a 'lil cold, this weather has its place in my heart. I love it when the afternoons still heat up so when I am not in the mood of wearing any jackets or sweater, I can just throw on a knit dress over a long-sleeved shirt and I am ready to go!

wearing: BERSHKA dress / H&M long sleeve t-shirt / PARK LANE loafers

This is literally my first time combining dress with a long-sleeved shirt and I am loving it! When I feel so comfortable in an outfit for Fall, I know that I get my layering game on! What do you guys think? I wish you all an amazing day!

until then.


Ale said…
I love this dress and love how you've combined it!
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I am glad you like it, dear Ale! thank you x
have a lovely day!
Kasie said…
I'm in the same boat of fall KIND OF being here. The weather where I live is going from peacoat weather back to shorts weather and I can't keep up. This is such a great transitional look to get through these confusing fall days!
Toks said…
Great look. xoxoxo
Jessica Broyles said…
Love this! The color is just so fall!
Ale said…
So beautiful!
Have a nice day!
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Anastasia said…
You did a great job, the dress looks amazing!
I feel the same!! the weather today is so autumnal over here and next week all summer and everything. haha! x
have a wonderful day, dear Kasie!
thank you! x
have a nice day!
thank you, dear Jessica! x
have a lovely day!
thank you, dear Ale! x
have a fantastic day!
thank you so much, dear Anastasia! I am glad you like it! x
have a wonderful day!
awhite said…
This dress is such a good fall piece! Gorgeous, girl!

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thank you so much, dear Ashley! x
have a lovely day!
thank you so much! x
have a fantastic day!
Kara Callahan said…
I love how the layered shirt under the dress looks! That orange color is perfect for fall and looks beautiful on you. I can't wait to see more of your fall outfits in the future!

x Kara |
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