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Three Years.

When Ricky came into my life, there's something about him that makes me want to stick with him. At first, we chatted with each other to pass the time. You know that quote: when you stop looking for love, it appears, and exactly that happened weeks after we get to know each other. I was not looking for next boyfriend at all, much less a husband. I was focused on my own pursuits at that time, I mean, I started preparing for moving to Germany. When you are not looking for someone to love, that is when people tend to appear. And despite the fact that I have my whole friends around me, it was a new experience to talk to someone new about everything. So, Ricky and I shared things about our day and just talked to each other almost one year long about any random things. And somehow, there’s something in the way he speaks with me everyday, at any time of day or night, sharing each and every thought that goes through his restless mind.

There’s something in the random and unexpected outings and the late night chats. There’s something in the way he makes me be and lets me be. There’s something in the way he supports and encourages me. There’s something in his willingness to know my story, my past wounds, my heartbreaks. And, there’s something in never getting any of this time back and never ever regretting it. 

And this week.. Ricky and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today. Only THREE YEARS! And it feels like we have been together forever. It's actually six years together in total and every single day I am thankful for him. I've scrolled through photos of our times years ago, when we traveled a lot due to his previous work, when we had summer vacation in Spain and Dominican Republic, when we had picnic for the first time together (which we were excited about!!), and those times, particularly, made me less worry about life. All of the pictures, regardless of the life season we took them in, make me so happy to look at, because it’s me and him. 

He is generally my most favorite person in the world. It wasn’t just our chemistry, it was like our personalities met and they melted into each other instantly. After all the things that we've been through, good times, arguments, difficult times and many laughter together as a couple, I am blessed that our relationship gets stronger than ever. He has made me feel like the single most important thing in his life for the last six years. He makes me laugh (a LOT! and I LOVE it!), and cry every now and then too, when he does something super sweet. There’s something in the way he makes my heart beat, intensely yet peacefully. There’s something in the way our hearts get closer and closer each time and our souls grow fonder. And, there’s something in the way he makes me feel, in the way he makes me smile.

Words can't describe how grateful I am to have him in my life, how much I love to hear his laugh, to hang out together and be completely content, to share life together because there's no one I'd rather spend time with than him. I love him for his generosity. I love it when we hold hands together, everytime when he opens the door for me and lets me in the house first. I love it when he kisses me goodnight as we turn off the lights each night and again when he leaves for work in the morning, and all the other kisses in between. He has taught me many wonderful things and the important of gratitude, forgiveness and letting go. He has seen me at my worst and never gave up on me. I am the luckiest to have the best support system as he is, supporting me with my dreams without fail and manage to catch me every time I am about to give up. He makes my day every time I’m feeling down and reminds me that life doesn’t have to be so serious. 

I am grateful that he makes me feel worthy of the most respectful and loyal love that I've always wanted. I feel blessed to have a best friend, a lover and a soul mate all together in one loving person. 

Cheers to 3 years, Gummibär! I love you more than you'll ever know.


Rach said…
It is so true that once we stop looking for love, it shows up! Same thing happened to my husband and I! Happy Anniversary!
Jessica Broyles said…
So sweet! Congratulations on three years!!
awhite said…
This is so sweet- happy anniversary, babe!

Le Stylo Rouge
Wow, that looks delicious!
Mónica Sors
Toks said…
Lovely post. Congratualations for these three years. xoxoxo
Unknown said…
Such a gorgeous and romantic post! Thank you so much for sharing doll xx
angelaah91 said…
Aww so cute!
Congrats on your anniversary :)


Mica said…
Oh what a sweet post! How special! :)

happy anniversary to you both :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are enjoying the warmer summer-like weather!

Away From The Blue Blog
Kara Callahan said…
This whole post is just so sweet! That's wonderful that you found someone like him to spend your life with. Happy 3 years and I wish you two many more amazing years to come!

x Kara |
Anastasia said…
Awww HAPPY anniversary! You guys are the cutest, love the breakfast table!
Thanks for sharing!
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