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Black Friday 2018: What I Bought & My First Impression

Here I am, entering my 20s, and just experienced my very first Black Friday. I literally didn't care about it at all until yesterday! How could I?! Haha! Anyway, Black Friday wasn't something I necessarily look forward to, but it was kinda fun. I mean, I was obviously overwhelmed in Black Friday crowds because of the numerous deals all over the place. As I grew older, I started to realize how many things I need in my life such as decor items or a simple mixer for my smoothie! Haha! So I started to pay attention along the way and I have to notice things while I go shopping. So that's a little story about how I now be a part of the action. But to be more honest.. the deals. Haha!

On my very first Black Friday I was all about skincare deals. I've been keeping an eye on one of the products I bought yesterday and I couldn't be happier! 

Estée Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Serum

As you know, I was just getting into skincare the past 12 months now and.. I LOVE it! I remember how my first skincare products from The Ordinary make me feel like I just got a facial spa because of how amazing it works on my skin. I started to realize the importance of self-care as it becomes a way to help reduce stress and ground me energetically. It brings peace, control and empowerment to my day so I am kinda obsessed! Now that I am getting used to my skincare routine, I am ready to add another one into mine to use overnight. I have seen many bloggers using and swearing by this serum, even some of make-up artists I came across on Internet. They mostly notice that their skin looks more rested, calmer and slightly brighter. I really hope it will give a gentle boost to my skincare routine so I am really excited to try it out! The local store was having a 20% off sale, but online it was extra 10% off! So that was definitely the best deal I've got AND I could purchase it on the local store here with the online discounts (30% in total!!) which was awesome!

The Body Shop - Lip & Cheek Stain in Red Pomegranate

This, my friend, belongs to one of my holy grail go-to empties and the product I personally swear by! It has such a nice color on my skin since I have a warm undertone. I bought it in spring this year and I never not using it when I leave the house! I am so happy that it was my very first lip and cheek stain and the color suits my skin tone wonderfully so I don't have to try another one. In terms of texture, it starts out as very liquid so much so that I was surprised at its ability to completely dry down to a powder. As blush, it definitely gives the best natural look as it also blends so well on skin! But I personally don't use this for my lips as they have a darker color and due to its texture I have to apply so much that it will leave a greasy feeling. Good thing is, I also got 30% off my purchase on this at the store!

Clinique - Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm

I have been following along one of great make-up artists on Instagram for a daily dose of make-up inspiration and saw her story this week where she used this product and she literally has such a gorgeous skin! She also can turn any face into an art, so I kinda believe in products she uses/recommends. I LOVE her work and the way she applies make-up is amazing! So I really want to try out this product, which happen to be the 'magical make-up remover'. I am really curious about how it will work on my skin, since I've been looking for the best one. Any other make-up remover mostly will leave my skin dry and irritated and I just can't stand the feeling! It's literally the worst. I hope I can use this product both as make-up remover and cleanser so that I don't have to wash my face again afterwards. Haha! I even got 37% off on this one so I felt pretty lucky! 

I think the products worth my money since I could save up to 40€ in total. It's kinda crazy, don't you think!? Haha! What do you think about these products? Have you tried one of them already? And what did you buy on Black Friday this year? Tell me about your experience! I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

until then.


Unknown said…
Oh, girl, I was trying so hard to stay away from the deals this Friday... Lately I have been more inclined to try new skincare products as autumn is making my face act up like crazy. Want to try the Ordinary as well, as I have heard really good things. That pomegranate tint looks absolutely beautiful too!

Thanks for stopping by, beautiful Grace, and have a lovely week ahead
Shauna said…
I so love these products!

Anastasia said…
You did some brilliant purchases there! Even though you are young (you are just entering your twenties, oh my!!!) and I don't think you need the repair elixir by Estee Lauder, I am sure you will love it!!! It's a abrilliant product and a great investment!

thank you so much! I am pretty glad that I invested my money in some great skincare products which I have been wanting to try out for so long. The Ordinary is definitely my favorite brand, too, as they have so many affordable goodies there! x
have a lovely day!
thank you, dear Shauna! I am glad x
have a wonderful day!
I know!! It is actually recommended for women over 25 years old, but I've heard so many good reviews about it that I want to invest my money in that right now. x
have a fantastic day, dear Anastasia!
Amanda said…
Clinique take off the day works so well!
Mica said…
You got some lovely things in the sales! I didn't shop them - I'm not good with crowds and I didn't have many more Christmas gifts to get so didn't look online either! :)

Hope that you are having a great week so far! It's been hot and dusty here, so very summery! Thankfully the crazy winds have died down :)

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Jessica Broyles said…
These are so beautiful! You can definitely score some super deals on black friday, and all Cyber week!
I am glad you've tried it out as well and liked it, dear Amanda! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Mica! Unfortunately I haven't had any Christmas gifts yet, but lucky me I can go shopping tomorrow because wrapping them excites me so much! Haha!

The weather gets really cold right now in Germany, I am literally shaking when I am outside while bundling up but I hope it'll rain tomorrow! x
have an amazing day!
thank you so much! I already love these products by now! x
have a lovely day, dear Jessica!
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