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Holiday Gift Guide for Him.

It's not a secret that guys are pretty challenging to buy Christmas presents for. I generally enjoy buying gifts and being creative while wrapping them, but shopping for guys can be a tough task because.. they never ask for anything! As a partner who has been with a man for almost 6 years, I happen to run out of ideas as well and just get stumped! Even if you know the person for that length of time and  actually have a basic idea of what he likes and doesn't like, your mind goes blank when it comes to picking out the perfect gifts because you care about making them happy!

My man and I ask each other what we wish for so things are going well but once in a while I still kinda want to give a 'surprised' gift that will leave him speechless. Even if he sometimes doesn't give me any clue just because he himself doesn't have any idea as well, I ask him every 3 days months before the holiday season comes until he caves and eventually tells me. Haha! So this time I take a piece of advice from him about what guys generally want for Christmas to help you out through this gift guide, whether it is for your man, your brother, or your father, I got you back!

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Figure out what he actually wants!
Now it sounds kinda tricky. On the one hand, guys refuse to reveal what they want for Christmas and claim that they don't need anything. On the other hand, they know that they are getting a present whether they like it or not! Haha! 'Speaking for other men, I'd appreciate a gift that consists of things I want!' he answered. 'I mean, when I need something, like seriously need it at the moment, I'd go to the store and buy it myself. So when I need a pair of jeans, I will most likely buy them myself and not waiting for somebody to give me them as a present.'

It depends on the type of the person!
The easiest thing you can start from is to define what type of a man he is. Consider his lifestyle and occupation: if he's a traveler, a carry-on suitcase may be a gift he'll appreciate for years to come. Any handymen will love to get a cool new cordless screwdriver that he'd found very useful to help them improve his skills. If he enjoys listening to metal records, you probably want to get him some of them, a record player, or merchandises of some of his favorite metal bands! (like I did almost all the time! Haha!)

Christmas all over the place!
Have you considered to get him a cool Christmas sweater? A cozy Christmas throw blanket to snuggle up with this winter? A Christmas coffee cups for breakfast? It's such a fun idea to get a guy things with holiday designs. Maybe a personalized one? If he barely gives you any clue and you want to give some extra gifts, this one (after the main gift) shall put a little smile on his face on Christmas morning!

So what do you think about this gift guide? Remember that you should always pay attention to his interests or hobbies, likes and dislikes after all. He'll probably drop hints already about what would make him happy! 

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

I hope this gift guide can help you take the stress out of buying gifts this Christmas because you should enjoy the festive holiday and each other's company more. Have fun picking out the right gift and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Jessica Broyles said…
This is so perfect! Why are guys so hard to buy for? I think I actually got mine a great gift this year! Fingers crossed
thank you so much, dear Jessica! x
have a wonderful day!
Gabrielle said…
This is a brilliant men's gift guide - always the hardest part of the festive shopping season, haha! The record player is such an unique idea :) x
awhite said…
Loving this gift guide, lady- so many great ideas!

Le Stylo Rouge
Kara Callahan said…
Guys are so hard to shop for when it comes to buying gifts, so thank you for these suggestions!

x Kara |
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