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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Her.

I get it, 5 days before Christmas and you still haven‘t done holiday shopping. You feel like it‘s already to late to score awesome gifts— it's not. There IS still a gift out there for your dearest in your life, be it your mom, your partner, sister, or best friend. The good thing is, nobody even knows that you did not plan out gift weeks in advance! And let‘s be honest, there is no reason to stress out! I‘ve put together this christmas gift guide of all the gifts to give any chic woman on your list:

Two weeks ago I came across a beautiful cashmere scarf in the city while shopping and I can‘t even thank myself enough for buying it. It‘s my favorite! I was not a fan of scarf because I kept buying either too big for my small body size or one that has such a weird fabric. But with the right one, I swear I wore it the whole first week after buying it!

Loose powder
I think every chic woman needs that setting powder which gives a flawless finish. This loose powder from Chanel provides sheer light coverage with a soft matte finish. And.. it gorgeously sets and makeup as it evens skin tone so it sure would be the perfect gift!

As it is the most special and personal gift someone can receive, finding the right perfume can be a bit tricky to gift at christmas. But as my man got me this one from ChloĆ© last year, I cannot leave the house since without the scent as it smells like heaven! It just makes me happy! I even got many compliments at work with the scent!

Let's be honest.. you can never go wrong with a handbag for christmas! I mean, the color of it definitely goes with everything in the wardrobe, and how can a handbag be so flattering?! I'd be the happiest getting this for christmas!

There is no better gift as an outerwear that keep her warm and stylish at the same time during winter, am I right?! Especially for women who love to dress up, this coat is the perfect one! The style itself is timeless and flattering so believe me when I say she won't want to return this!

Overknee boots
With sandal season has long gone, every woman's online shopping cart is full filled with boots. But especially overknee is probably one awesome gift someone can give to a woman, with the right size of course! As these ones are really chic at the moment, it'll for sure make her happy!

Wave spray
A texturizing spray is like a woman's best friend: we just need one. And if you're anything like me; with long hair and a lot of it, you just want to have a hairspray that aid in holding a style for some hours. This is definitely the perfect one for those cool, messy waves. And, who needs summer if you can do it in winter as well?!

Prepare to experience the glorious scent of this well-known candle as it is made with high quality oils and waxes. Everyone needs some discreet touch of elegance with an intense, enduring fragrance in a candle so with colder days coming up, it'll be such a great idea to gift!

Oh man, what gift can be as thoughtful as a planner that help her stay organised and get things done in the new year? With such a beautiful design, it's impossible not to enter those important appointment in this planner!

I think we all agree that people with busy lifestyles have difficulties keeping homes clean because it just requires daily diligence and only few have time for that. But with the right decor items like this beautiful gold candlestick, any space can look a bit less messier because it adds that clean and fresh-looking touch into it.

So what do you think?! Have any of them inspired you already? These are the gifts I'd personally be thankful to get for Christmas when I do not have specific gifts to wish for. Have fun picking out gifts and I wish you a wonderful day!

Until then.
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