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Life Update: When You Are Feeling Stuck.

I'll write a little update about my life lately because you know I love blogging and sharing a piece of my story. As you know, I've been busy working on my papers which have to be done 'till Jan/Feb 2019 and while I need to go to work three days a week, I also have to manage studying for college the other two days. It all goes a bit crazy for me lately because I feel a kinda lost. I analyzed everything to make sure I have the materials I need for my papers and now I feel stuck at them. The fact that it's already December I kinda want to enjoy the festive holiday season and forget about them but my final exam is coming up and I just don't want to miss anything.

As I grew older, I realize that I need the break. I have pushed through the whole year and I deserve taking a break, de-stressing and refreshing my brain because everything is going to be fine anyway. That's why I've been MIA lately on instagram to spend more time with my man between the deadlines, to blog every now and then, to make some future contents for my instagram or blog, going out with my man without phones and those things did good to me and my health. I realize that I am a little motivated after taking a break. It also increases my productivity and creativity and sometimes helps finding the answer that magically came to myself in a burst of inspiration. 

A little story behind this photoshoot: I literally just got home from 6 hours of college and felt kinda tired at that day. Suddenly I had the need make a content afterwards and decided to put my beautiful coat on and just take some pictures with a little help from my amazing man. It was so relaxing for me! I was feeling myself and it brought so much joy somehow because I was able to be creative for a moment a.k.a. I let myself have fun! It's kinda crazy what little things in life can make so much difference within a day.

What would you do when you feel a little stuck in life? Remember that you are not alone and that everyone experiences such thing. Take a break because you deserve it! Don't worry too much because everything is gonna be fine anyway. I wish you all a wonderful day!

Until then.


Jessica Broyles said…
Love this unique look! Great post! Have a wonderful Thursday!
Ivana Split said…
These photographs came out beautifully, especially the black and white ones, they look so classical. I love that long blazer and the hat is a nice touch. Such a creative and pretty photo-shot.

I do agree with you, it's important to take a break. I tend to overthink everything and this makes me feel stressed most of the time. Sometimes we need to give our brain a break, so it can recharge and work better. Taking some time off is very important.

Have a lovely weekend!
Toks said…
I love long blazers. xoxoxo
Kasie said…
It is so smart to take a step back and allow yourself to take a break. I am finding that I am very much in need of doing the same. It can be hard to take a time out when you're so used to going, going, going and jumping between school, work, and life.
Babita said…
Oh boy, you almost spoke me!!! I'm also having my course finished by the next year and in between this I have been shifted in another country (Singapore) whereas my family is in India! So hopefully you can understand how I have stick myself into it!

Anyway , love that blazer on you! Such a pretty colour!

Xoxo Babita
Kara Callahan said…
I hope your exams went well! Taking a break always helps me when I'm feeling stuck and it does wonders for my productivity levels once I get back to working. It's good that you're prioritizing your mental health and doing what's best for you. Wishing you all the best with your papers, and these photos are beautiful!

x Kara |
Mica said…
What a fun coat! I love the hat with it! :)

Sometimes we just need to take a break now and then to feel refreshed! Good luck with everything, it sounds like you are so busy! I hope that you still get some time to relax over Christmas too!

Hope that you are having a nice weekend! I finished Christmas food shopping yesterday and all the gifts are bought so now we are just relaxing until the big day :)

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