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First Picnic of 2019.

What's not to love about summer? The sun is shining, the clothes are lighter, ice cream is calling your name. But there are days where it gets way too hot, and all the fun things are done once those days pop up. A new heat wave has been hitting Europe for the second time this year and what's the best way to survive it? Stay outdoors and stay cool! Yes, you read it right. Unless you have an AC at home, you better stay at home or planting yourself in front of the nearest fan! It's been quite stressful with many new minimum and maximum temperature records. I'm glad it doesn't really affecting me on a daily basis since I have a full month of vacation so I just let myself adapting to this climate change. We decided to have a picnic as many as we can during summertime because our home is always too hot! Unfortunately our car needed work this week and we had to finish some errands so it was quite busy for us to do any other outdoor activities. But yesterday was lovely 'till warm dry air approached, so we stayed in the shade for only three hours and back home again to staying cool. Our brunch didn't include too many foods and we played some card games afterwards. 

We were pretty much the only one there so it was like a private picnic at a large field of park. Love it! I hope the heat wave will be over soon because we definitely want more of summer picnic this year and let's be honest.. the heat is just unbearable. My man is going back to work after vacation tonight and I'll have my first day of work next Thursday so finger crossed for a better weather! Do you guys have any favorite outdoor activities? Let me know in the comment box below! Stay safe guys and I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

Until then.


The humidity? Haha I hate humidity. Ugh the heatwaves not fun. But cool you guys had the park more or less to yourselves. Your picnic looked quite fun. And yes lets hope we do not have too many more heatwaves and can enjoy the rest of summer.

Allie of
awhite said…
What a perfect little summer picnic! And I'm loving your outfit- lightweight and chic!

Le Stylo Rouge
beautyshapes3 said…
Great post, you have an amazing photos!! :)
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Mica said…
Love your relaxed outfit and looks like a great picnic! cute bag too!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue
MeetMiri said…
Picnic is always a very good idea! Looks like you had some quality time!

lots of love, Miri
FashionRadi said…
This post makes me want to set up a picnic outside. I haven't had one in years.
Happy August!
Emily Hein said…
This summertime picnic looks amazing! I also love your outfit!!
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