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Signet Rings.

I currently enjoy wearing jewelry on my fingers so I thought I'd share a pic of me a.k.a. my hands. These are only a few of rings in my collection but the ones that I actually wear lately. For instance, these signet rings have been my favorite ones since this summer and it was quite difficult to find ones that fit my fingers since mine are way smaller! I am glad I found a set of those online two months ago which actually my size and I just love seeing them on my fingers, beside our ring that I wear on my left ring finger all the time, and the other one on the right one that I got for Valentine's Day this year. I've worn many bracelets or necklaces, but never more than two rings at once and since I am not allowed to wear any jewelry on the hand area due to patient contacts, I really like to put them on in my free time. Even though jewelry doesn't define me, I have to be honest, I wish I could wear any at work! Haha! But hygiene remains a top priority so they better stay in my locker. So tell me, do you like to wear multiple rings or any jewelry as well? Let me know in the comment box below! I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Until then.


awhite said…
Your whole ring mix is so cool- I love the vibe!

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