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Gratitude: 2019.

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been offline the last two weeks due to many reasons. A lot of things happen in life and you realize how time flies.. just like that. I planned to write at least eight blogposts this month before holidays come, yet I managed to do only two of them until the end of No…

Fall Wishlist 2019.

I know I know, it may be a lil late for a fall wishlist. But let me tell you, German weather was anything but fall the past weeks, even though we are in November now. Literally, it was not until last week when the fall weather literally started that I am so in the fall mood. I feel quite uninspired…

My October on 35mm.

'I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.'
..and I just can't agree more. October 2019 has been a good one, actually like any other Octobers since I moved to Germany. This year, however, is something else. I started using my 35mm for capturing important moments I want to …
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