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Gratitude: 2019.

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been offline the last two weeks due to many reasons. A lot of things happen in life and you realize how time flies.. just like that. I planned to write at least eight blogposts this month before holidays come, yet I managed to do only two of them until the end of November, and that kinda sucks. But I am not for complaining here because it's the month of Thanksgiving, so I would love to share the things I am grateful for instead. Life is beautiful, if you know where to look.

I am grateful for being alive and healthy,
for the cooler weather here in  Germany,
for having a soulmate by my side who loves me at my best and worst and in-between,
for hot water and showers, and another modern conveniences today,
for internet that let me keeping up with knowledges I am interested in,
for having a good job, work environment with great coworkers,
for having a short way to work without the need of driving with my own car,
for being able to live the life I want,
for good music and fashion,
for holidays and everything that goes along with it,
for outerwears and scarves that keep me warm while being outside,
for fresh air in the winter,
for maicih (a hot indonesian chips),
for christmas and everything,
for the love and peace I feel and get from my beloved ones,
and for everything that makes me feel blessed.

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany, nor in our family, but it's a great thing to make time and look at what you have and being grateful for them, because life is really really short and it's the one thing that we all shall do, even if it's only once a year. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are, and I wish you a gratitude and love! 

until then.
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