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Christmas Wishlist 2019.

With the holiday season in full swing, I'd love to show you guys my christmas wishlist this year. It includes not only the things I wish for christmas, but also the things we need for home decoration. We already decorated the house for christmas yesterday so I've done some shopping during Black Week and also bought some a few of them, so here they are!

I think my love for decoration grows everyday since we are moving together, and that includes me being creative in terms of decoration. Our flat is ideal for a young couple like us, so we are kind of trying to keep our minimal spaces simple so that it still looks clean and neat. With christmas holiday comes many decorations that are super cute and adorable, however there are also many that make the house looks instantly messy. This time around I think about a gorgeous gold candleholder to complement the rest of our christmas decoration so it doesn't take so much space and still looks gorgeous!

black coat
Black has not always been my favorite color in the past eight years now, and I only wear really few black items since. I thought it doesn't flatter my skin tone since I have black hair and I don't want it to be too harsh on me with this combination. But one day I opened my wardrobe and discover 80% of my outfits in color beige, so I was like.. I kinda need another color for them. So yeah.. a black outerwear ASAP is the way to go this winter! 

I've mentioned in the past weeks how much I love square-toe shoes. They are simply beautiful and I've been dreaming about those since forever, but cannot find any. I was hyped about the trend last year and love it since. It's kinda tricky to find the perfect one though, but this one from Oak + Fort is the definition of perfect shoes this winter. Haha! Unfortunately they are sold so fast so I need to find another ones. I love the height of heels so it could be difficult for me. But I'll find another beautiful ones!

fleece pajama set
I don't understand why I didn't buy fleece pajamas the moment I move to Germany. I could live in them the whole winter!! I simply get cold more easily as soon as I get home, and I just need my blanket wherever I go around the house. We accidentally came across a pajama set during window shopping and it was my man who wanted it in the first place because he couldn't stand the cold at home, and so I bought one as well and it turned out to be the best purchase this winter. So yeah, I think I want+need+must have more of them!

I am not a big fan of handbag due to my shoulder pain since I was in the 10th grade, so I'm quite aware when it comes to buying one, but I know when I see one, it must be either practical, or drop dead beautiful! The magic happened on this bag and I just love it since. I mean.. it's the perfect bag for a winter going-out outfit, isn't it?

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What do you think about the wishlist? What's on YOUR wishlist? Let me know in the comment box below and feel free to share with me! I wish you all a wonderful day!

until then.
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