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What I Learned in 2019.

2019 has been a year of change for me. It's full of highs and lows, challenges, emotions, and I have to say, I've been waiting for this year to come and I can't believe we are about to leave 2019 in three days! Throughout 2019 I have grown so much as a person, personally and professionally, especially after graduating, and I am very grateful for every experiences that come in the way. I get to know myself better as an adult, how to handle things in life, and learn many aspects in life on a daily basis, and it's pretty amazing! With the end of 2019 fast approaching, I would love to share a few things I'm glad to learn this year that are thoughtful and have been helping me to get through this year better. 

Living in fleece pajama set during winter is a life-saver.
I come from a tropical region in Indonesia and I did not know how to cope with the winter cold one bit because.. I just don't have any idea how cold it actually is! I literally have been living here since six years now and I couldn't understand how I survived in winter weather the last years without any fleece pajama set. Even though the temperature of the house is always above 20°C, I hate to wear lightweight clothes to lounge around the house because I just get cold way easily. My man saw a fleece pajama set while window shopping earlier this Fall and although he was the one who wanted it in the first place, I wanted to give it a try. It came out to be the best buy this year and this is like one of those incredible products in winter for everyone.. and a life-saver indeed! (I might be a little behind but still.. it's worth every penny!)

Black coat is a must-have in your wardrobe!
Okay.. the second thing I would love to mention in terms of winter fashion is a black coat. Probably most of y'all already have one, but I just couldn't be more grateful for this! I've mentioned why I just got one for myself first this year, and since it becomes my go-to coat at the moment when I don't know what to wear during cold weather. When it comes to laziness, admit it.. we all have our moments! I cannot tell how many times this has helped me through those nothing-to-wear moments and I thanked Black Friday for bringing me the idea to go to local stores and buy something (in this case finding a perfect black coat).. or else I'd wait for next year again to look for one.

I need my (at least) 7-hours of sleep. Everyday.
Since I started my full-time job in August, one thing I've noticed the most is that I actually do not have much energy as soon as I get home after a long shift. As a result, one day I took a bath and I was physically relaxed enough to sleep and the next thing I know, I fell asleep once in the bath tub for 45 minutes and I was kinda terrified that it actually happened to me who always kept my eyes open while taking a bath. But from that moment I try to not take a bath again when I have a bad sleep the night before and I also noticed an improvement in terms of productivity and on-the-job performance. I notice when I clock in closer to seven or eight hours of rest in one night, I am feeling more positive and am all around in a good mood, and that feels amazing! It helps me stay healthy physically and emotionally, too! Of course enough sleep doesn't happen everyday in my life, and that's okay, but I know I gonna strive for it in the new year.

Put my phone away and live in the moment.
I have to admit, I always feel guilt every time my iPhone shows up my screen time and the percentage increases. It is a great tool to remind me how much time I spend on it because sometimes I just forget how much I get distracted and too tied to my phone that I miss meaningful moments in my time with my family instead. On some evenings I am fully engaged with the life around me and after four or five hours I realize that I have been disconnected from my phone. It improves my attention and health, as well as increases my happiness while opening all my senses to let it all the goodness and becoming fully mindful.. and it's a good feeling! When I think about today, I actually spent 6 hours on my phone, 3 hours of which on instagram! It's kinda insane to think that I have to spend already 6 to 11 hours of a day at work, depending on my shift, and almost 7 hours of sleep, which makes it already 25% of my day spending on the phone!! Every time we go grocery shopping I always leave my phone at home so it's safe to say that I am off to a great start!

Analogue camera is the best way to capture important moments.
I've mentioned how happy I was getting the first roll of my film and looking through the pictures. They came out beautifully and I am so glad I made a move to get an analogue camera again and trying to capture moments in my life in a different way in 2019. I keep telling myself to be thoughtful before actually press the shutter button and not taking that many pictures at once because y'know.. there are only 24/36 frames in one roll so I better think about that! Haha! But it also helps me to appreciate the moments I want to hold on to.

Accept myself unconditionally.
Moving to a new country six years ago was a big and scary step to me. I've told you about how much less I know about Germany in general, be it the German culture, the German language, and not to mention the accent and pronunciation. It brought so much insecurity into my life the first two to three years living here. I didn't know how I survive here, I mean.. I get a lot of help from my man, and I am thankful for him. But most of the time when Ricky lived in another city, I did lots of thing by myself, and that kinda made me feel really lonely. The past years have been a journey of discovering myself and learning to love myself unconditionally, because it's the only way to show other people how they'll treat yourself. Growing up, I learned how to put myself first and by that I mean taking care of myself and not dropping anything and tending to other people's need. With relaxing, getting enough rest, eating healthy food, journaling and self-awareness and being grateful, I maintain my my mental and physical well-being and that matters in life.

Get yourself a contour memory foam neck pillow.
Well, when I could go back to the time when I was still teenager and have started to feel this severe pain on my neck, I wouldn't hesitate to tell myself to get a contour memory foam neck pillow. Even though I don't have problem with falling asleep, the quality was not as good as with such pillow. I mean, I do have some problem with my cervical vertebrae and I started my treatment this late summer but by supporting my neck during 7 hours of sleep at night is the best thing anyone could do, especially with neck pain or stiffness like me!

Take a step back, pour your heart out and let go.
I would lie if I told you I've never had days where I am not feeling blue. Life happens and sometimes you just feel sad about things: be it work-life, hobbies, or just small things someone told you that hit you hard. I mean, you just cannot deny those situations, and the best thing to do is take a step back, do some self-care routine, pour my heart out, and after feeling better, let it go and just do not talk about it again. I share everything with my man and he is the best listener ever so a family member really helps to get through hard times as well, because it's a part of life and it's not always pretty and bright. But somehow you just have to get through it and remember that the world that we live in is not always perfect, nor allowing for perfection and that's okay.. yet it's mine to live and I promise myself to live my life to the fullest. Always.

until then.
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