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Spring Inspiration // 2020.

We woke up to sunlight throughout last weekend but sadly the weather still seem to be all over the place lately. This has made me keep going back to my winter wardrobe, although Spring should've come in about two weeks?! So.. better put myself into this spring vibes beforehand. I found myself feel drawn to certain colors, pattern and clothing pieces lately, I though on today's blogpost I'd love to share with you what has been inspiring me for the upcoming season..

Rib knit

Ok for real though, it might be still a 'lil too cold for some tops in early spring, BUT i just can't help but wearing them already! Thank blazers, cardigans and other cool trends that can be thrown over. I feel like pairing these with a pair of jeans and boots (and most likely switch to a pair of plain beautiful mules) would make a really appealing look for spring.

White pants

All-whites are quite my go-to looks as the weather slowly starts to warm up. Specifically the ones that comprise of white pants, be it wide-leg pants, or straight-leg, I just cannot resist them! My favorite would be the ones that allow me to show ankles, which are hard to find for a petite woman like me, but I guess I'd just have to get it tailored and I am good to go, which is totally ok for me.

Messy waves

As you probably noticed, I have always had long hair until last year summer when I had my hair cut drastically. I have been since enjoying my short hair these days and it feels very me and very edgy in a way. But lately, I have been thinking to grow it back out, not that long again, but the medium-length/shoulder-length hairstyle-- GORGEOUS! These undone-wavy haircut look would've complete my idea of a perfect spring look.

Strappy heels

(all pictures belongs to the owner and found on Pinterest)

Strappy shoes have been around for years now, I remember my first strappy heels ever were the ones from Zara, and I LOVED it! The trend kinda reminds me of the one in the 90's, which I never thought of wearing it when I grow up, but these 'barely-there' heel with super skinny straps are really versatile and stunning, I just cannot not loving these on warmer days! 

So tell me, what do you think? Do you love one of the ideas above? What has been inspiring you lately for the upcoming season? I wish you all a great day, and stay safe, my friend!

until then.
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