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Spring Wishlist 2020.

I have had a relaxing days off last week and honestly felt much refreshed and totally ready for work. We had brunch at the local bakery, went grocery shopping as per usual, got our bubble teas, spent time at stores looking for vinyl and curled up on the couch while watching while you were sleeping. I am a sucker for romantic movies since almost a year now and I just can't help it, especially on gloomy days of winter like these. But yesterday we made the most of our weekend by taking a long afternoon walk as the sun was out and nothing is better than the coming of first signs of spring. The best thing about it is that the sun rises earlier each day and while on my way to work, I get to enjoy a little bit of 'daylight' before working +6 hours indoor. 

Despite the fact that we are not having snows and real winter this year, all things spring still excites me and that also means saying goodbye to bitter winds, which is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I have to take a few extra days off since I am coming down with digestive problems last night (well, I suppose I can't win 'em all), but nothing is stopping me from getting inspired for the upcoming season and the content I want to create for it. So on today's blogpost I thought I would share the things I have been craving lately..

I have never experienced any eye oil in my life before and have been eyeing the beauty range by Miranda Kerr for so long now. Care for the skin around eye area was never been in my skin care routine before so I am still pretty much new when it comes to solving the problem of puffiness and dark circles. This goes for my freshly shaved skin, too, and I suffered from razor bumps and dryness every time so I'd love to give these products by Fur a try! Since there's gonna be so much sunlight for the next months, I think I am ready to bring my skin care routine to a whole new level by adding some glow drops into it. I've heard so many positive reviews about it everywhere and I don't think you can go wrong with any of their products. Superfood, at the other hand, has always been in my wishlist, but I am very careful when it comes to any supplements and superfood powders for my body. This has been taken into my consideration for almost a year now and I am ready to give this a try, as well!

My fashion wishlist for this spring comprised of not too many items as I am in the process of downsizing my wardrobe this year. And I am aware of the fact that by adding any pieces means saying goodbye to another ones! But these four items are at the top of my wishlist and I can't help but ordering the beach bag already. It costs a lil bit more but the fact that it is a handcrafted product, which also lasts year or even a lifetime makes me willing to spend more.

What's on your spring wishlist this year? Have an amazing start into the week! x

until then.


Makeup Muddle said…
I've never heard of an eye oil before, it sounds like something I need xo

Makeup Muddle
Shauna said…
Your pics are gorgeous!

Sonia Aicha said…
That beige one piece is amazing!! I really want to try the Sturm eye drop, sounds very good!!
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