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To Do At Home: 6 Things.

Read a book.
I have been dying to read more books this year but boy how hard it is to remain constant when it comes to this! I honestly started with one book and haven't finished it yet after 3 months, even though it's in German language. Every time I read a book, I literally get really lost in it for over an hour, and then realized that I need to take a break because it is time-consuming. The difficult part somehow is to get back into the routine again, and now is the perfect time to read again.

Play games.
Sooo.. I don't know exactly how we started it off, but all of a sudden I found myself addicting mario bros and playing it almost everyday now. We have this Wii which we haven't touched since moving into a new city three years ago and this pandemic situation brought us to it again! We cleared World 1, 2 and (weirdly) 5 as we started, but in one week we made all 8 to the final- Bowser's Castle, which is difficult to combat! On Sunday we finally finished it.. aaaand it was not the end. You heard it right, there is a World 9.

Re-decorate house.
I am not sure if this is the perfect time for a decoration, BUT as I began to think quite differently now during lockdown, I have time to create this vision of a freshly-decorated house and bring some spring mood into it. At the moment I explored every corner on etsy to find new decor wall arts and so far there are so many good things there!

Have a Spa Day.
Lately, beauty products that haven't been used since months now become the things I regularly reach for. As I spend much time at home now, it's easier to not buy new stuff and trying out those that have been scattered around the house. For example, the body scrub from Frank Body (love this brand!!) I bought almost two months ago has been lying next to my heater since and I can't believe I didn't try it out right afterwards. Such an amazing product! It literally smoothes my skin immediately and I've never had such products that make me feel this way before. Very recommended!

Indoor Workout.
With social distancing comes regularity of sport. Instead of window shopping every Saturday, it's the perfect time to ride bicycle or do workout at home these days. Our weekend begins with having some brunch at home, playing games, doing workout afterwards, taking a hot bath and just enjoying the day at home. The perfect and lovely way to slow down during this weird time!

Try out new stuff.
While stuck indoors, it's easy to discover new things to do, and figure out uncovered talents and skills. Up to now I didn't know how many delicious, vegan-base recipes there are out there to try out, or that I am able to give my man a great 'quarantine haircut' since barber's closing everywhere, considering the fact that I had to shave my man's head completely bald just because how bad that was a year ago. Lol!

So tell me, what have you been doing differently during lockdown?  Does this inspire you to integrate something new into your daily life? I wish you a relaxing weekend, be careful and stay safe, my friend!

until then.
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