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After months of indecision.

Hello guys! I hope you are feeling well and safe during this time. I am feeling a lil bit off lately, didn't sleep very well last night and something is going on with my body. It has something to do with this dreadful weather probably, I am not really sure, but I come to the point where this pandemic affects my health, both physically and mentally. I long for holiday since over three years now, and just when I thought I can get my suitcase done for it, we have to face and get through this corona pandemic. I'm still finding happiness in slowing down though, I have a very clear understanding as well about the whole situation, it's just the freedom to be outside more often that I am missing with summer just around the corner. Our usual picnic date, weekly bubble tea, bbq weekend.. so many fun things! Somewhere between cancelled plans, I decided to buy the camera of my dream for my birthday this year and I figured it's the perfect time to keep myself busy during this time. I know I've bought a few p&s cameras in the recent years and wasn't dedicate to them really, I have to be honest that the picture did come out beautiful as they are, but not in the quality that I seek. Photography has been a part of my life since over a decade now and I'm glad to let myself get immersed again in it. New things give some kind of inspiration easily, and I am glad to be able to have that!

Anyway, another decision I've taken: ordering two pairs of pants from Everlane last month that finally arrived earlier this week. I'm a petite woman who hardly find the perfect pants, it's either the length, or the waist part that are too loose for my proportion. I was beyond happy that not only I can finally take part in sustainability, but also proudly introduce these into my daily basis just because they fit like a glove and flatter my figure at the same time. That is really something!

I guess this unusual time kinda triggered me make unexpected decisions. At least it has been the best ones in my life so far! What has changed in your life since corona pandemic? I wish you all a great day and sending you all love x

Until then.
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