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Turning 25.

Hello you guys! I'm hoping you are all staying well and safe during this unusual time. 

I'm turning 25 today and tbh, I feel fantastic. Every year when April comes to an end, I always get excited. On 1st of May I keep telling R: in two days it is that's how excited I am. Even though we didn't do much today due to corona situation, we make the most of staying at home by enjoying each other's company and having fun as much as staying outside. R surprised me with a birthday cake at midnight, we opened gifts, I got my fav breakfast- pancake with maple syrup and banana slices on top of it, finished the season four of GoT, had a bbq evening and really just slowed down during this wonderful Sunday in May. 

Twenty-five is the first birthday I've had that feels like a real milestone of adulthood. My coworker asked me if I'm turning twenty three the other day, and telling her that I'll actually be a quarter of a century old kinda hit me. The big 2-5 is here and y'know.. I am no longer in my early twenties, to say the least. At some point it feels like there are some sort of pressures attached to it. R asks me on my birthdays how am I feeling and this time was like.. 'wow- twenty five! how are you feeling?' and the more I think about it, the more I wonder what that exactly means. The idea of being twenty five kinda gave me chills. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself, ask myself whether I have my life together already. If I'm being totally honest, this age doesn't feel different at all. I feel a bit wiser sometimes throughout the day, in a way, I guess that is what comes along with getting a year older. I consider myself exactly where I need to be, somehow I knew this is how my life will look like at the age of 25, probably not that I'll find my soulmate already, live in Europe and actually work in the medical field, which I am really grateful for! Being in a good place in my life seemed impossible to think about ten years ago. I always wanted to move away and build the life I want, and saying that this is the reality gives me kind of goosebumps. Thank God for putting me in such good place now. 

And often times I wonder if, after a certain point, age means anything at all. My 27-year-old friend seems like she is still in her 17 and behaves like one, one of my good friends who is now 18 seems to me like she decades wiser than her age, and then there’s me. But I guess that’s the beauty of getting older— no one gets to tell you how and who you have to be. So on today's blogpost I thought I'd share some things I learn by turning 25. 

  • workout at least twice a week. // I benefit so much from exercise and it surprisingly does give me the health I need as an adult. Not until this year that I do exercise regularly and I happen to experience amazing things, both mentally and physically. I used to be a sporty girl and always exercise in any form every single day. Moving to another side of the world teaches me to adapt my lifestyle and actually maintain it under a whole new circumstance— and make time for sport is one of those things.

  • do whatever makes you feel good. // often times I caught myself staring at my phone for hours and didn't realize how many knowledge and joy I can regain with the same amount of time by reading books/magazines or watching my fav tv series. I learn that there are plenty of way to spend free time other than exploring the internet and jumping from apps to apps for hours. But then again, spend a peaceful time alone is just as important. 

  • invest in things that are important to you. // so this is something I learned the hard way. I'm probably a bit too late to say this but investing is probably one of great decisions to make in my middle 20s. Invest in friendships, in skincare, in relationships, in self-care, in high-quality clothing, in reading, in learning to cook great foods, in listening, in hobbies. 

  • take care of yourself. // eat healthy foods, dress up, put on some makeup, take a long bath, laugh often, exercise regularly, take a nap, wash clothes regularly, make time for friends, get enough sleep, find ways to relax, call beloved ones, go outside and get some fresh air, take a walk, get organized, cook at home, journaling, enjoy good movies, have a right company, let things go, worry less, enjoy the moment.

  • bad bouts of feeling sad, worried and anxious, too, will pass. // being adults means learning how to deal with some aspects in life. Life gets rough sometimes, but it is not supposed to be a walk in the park. I realized that one can also learn and grow through the hard times. It's not easy to get back to the idea of what normal looks like, but this too, will pass. Take one day at a time, don't rush into it.

  • never lose confidence in yourself. // I swear every year I learn new definitions of confidence. It's not about showing up and raise your voice the loudest in the room, do anything perfectly. Sometimes it's about holding back and do and focus my own thing. Admitting mistakes I made and learn from them. Stand up for myself, always.

I really appreciate this isolation time during pandemic for some self-reflection on all the wonderful things I have and all the great things to come. I thank you guys so much for following along my life so far and for reading every single of my rant. I appreciate all of you and sending you all love. Stay safe guys and have a relaxing day! x

until then.


Stella said…
Happy birthday my dear! I hope you had a great time :)
Beautiful tips too!
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