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May on 35mm.

So last week I got my film back from the lab and so happy that I could kind of capture some memories of my fav month of the year. As I mentioned a while ago, I bought an automatic rangefinder camera on ebay and got it a week after my birthday. I was trying to take it with me anywhere we were out since, but quite hard due to corona crisis because I try to keep my belongings to minimum and with an extra camera it is pretty unhandy. This is yet the perfect, lightweight camera that you certainly want to bring outside for a relaxing weekend. When it comes to focus, I personally prefer to use it automatically since mine is fast enough for me, I tried probably once or twice manually though, and as you see, it didn't really work, but I believed it's due to the distance between the two objects, so I might as well learn the manual mode more in the future. I have been working with P&S the past years and this 35mm has a unique and elegant feel to it that I am fascinated with. The result is stunning- with Portra 400 they make the perfect combo for documenting my life on a daily basis. I really love the fine grains it offers as well and how skin tones come out beautifully along with it. 

This is one of the reasons I wanted this camera so badly- I need a tool to help me savor important moments in my life, focus on the good and allow me to slow down a bit. Every other camera might be it too, I just can't help but love its design and its quirks, how it feels in my hand, sleek and beautiful, and the one with automatic focus, with the ability to use it manually at the same time. I love this moment where R blew out the birthday candles. When I look at the pic, I wonder what came through his mind while doing it, what he wished for, but whatever it is, I hope it's something that makes him happy and what's best for him. 

I finally went for jogging again after five years now and it never felt so good! My body has changed after all these years and realizing my lack of flexibility brought me down for a sec, and then I feel proud of myself because I pushed through. This moment reminds me of a journey to get fit again the way I used to. I have been through different experiments with my workout habits and jogging is definitely one of those things that fit me.

Being outdoor these days is quite challenging for all of us this year. We are trying to go outside and make the most out of the summer these days, even though only to get some fresh air. I finally get to try out these pants I ordered from Everlane, such a perfect fit for this petite lady! I bought the lightweight ones in beige and but these black ones have a heavy material though so I might as well wear it in about five months when it gets cold. 

So long, May! It's been lovely as always. 

until then.
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