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Road Trip Essentials.

I have a bunch of positive experiences when it comes to a road trip, so it has always been a good thing for me all my life. When I was a kid, my parents and I had family road trips here and there, and then it gets more often since I moved to Germany, started off with our long distance relationship when I was living in Aachen and R was still working in England. I remember pretty much all of them, and now that we haven't done it in years I was so stocked to have another road trip to Baltic Sea! The night ones are my favorites, because it's quiet and dark so I can relax a lil bit and enjoy the moment, and it has some kind of nostalgic moment along to it, and not to mention stretches of beautiful road and scenic views. From one road trip to another I keep improving the list of things that should be with me on the road, and on today's blogpost I thought I'd share with you my essentials since most of us choose road trip instead to travel safely and to help you have the time of your life.

water // I mean, how could you not bring enough water on a road trip? It's kind of a big deal because you gotta stay hydrated to get maximum energy and enjoy the trip. It has been frustrating for me having to drive another miles just to get some water with thirst and dry mouth, when you actually can bring it from home already.

road trip playlist // A big yes to a road trip playlist, especially the one created by yourself. My type of songs should have a tempo of 120 bpm and higher so it's still fun while driving. But if I have to be honest with you, I do have some of slow music in the playlist, mostly it's the 'old' one I haven't heard in years and road trip kinda allows me to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

mints // This is the classic travel companion. R prefer this to any other 'snacks' just because it's easy to grab as a driver and I keep telling him it suppresses appetite real quick during a long car trip through stimulation of the body's movement and I think it works on him, too. 

hand sanitizer + cream // During corona pandemic we tend to disinfect hands frequently instead of washing them, and on a road trip a disinfectant just comes in handy. Unfortunately, doing it too often strips your hands of healthy oils and the good bacteria needed to fight off germs, so apply a moisturizing hand cream to damp hands becomes a 'skin care to go'. 

dry shampoo // I have had bangs since almost a decade now and all fringed girls know this problem: they tend to look oily and greasy in this oppressive summer heat and it's a no no. Over time I learned to leave my forehead alone when it comes to skin care/make-up and it helps to prevent them from sticking to forehead. But regardless, dry shampoo becomes my holy grail product and applying it on hair on a regular basis is the way to keep it fresh all day and.. it's quick!

lip balm // A handful of good lip balms are a given when it comes to traveling. My lips get dry very quickly once I hit the road and I just can't stand chapped lips, both in summer and winter. I've gone through endless tubs of lip products and I only let get so much hydration from the one from Frank Body and it helps healing dry/chapped lips right away.

tissue/wet wipes // I cannot leave home without any tissues with me. My nose always runs when I travel so it's a reason enough to keep tissues on myself at all times. Throw in a couple packs of each and I am good to go!

So tell me, which products you can travel without? These are my basic products I MUST have with me on a road trip and let me know if you've tried any of these essentials before. I wish you all a relaxing weekend! 

Until then.
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